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piSEARCH Manual (Sorry, translation in progress: remains 4.5%)

Folder.piSEARCH Manual (Sorry, translation in progress: remains 4.5%)
Folder.Introduction to the piSEARCH system.
ArticleSystem architecture.
Folder.Technical description.
Folder.The indexer.
ArticleGeneral block diagram.
Folder.Program activation.
ArticleThe sequencer.
Folder.The file loader.
ArticleCache buffer characterization.
ArticleFTP/FTPS as a source of files.
ArticleHTTP/HTTPS as a source of files.
Article"file system" as a source of files.
Folder.The text extractor.
ArticleExtracting text and properties.
Folder.The content indexer.
ArticleIndexing text and properties of a file.
Folder.The web application.
ArticleConfiguring the web application.
Folder.User Guides.
Folder.The indexer
ArticlepiSEARCH indexer: installation.
ArticlepiSEARCH indexer: setup.
Folder.The index reader (JavaFX software).
ArticlepiSEARCH Reader: installation.
ArticlepiSEARCH Reader: setup.
Folder.The Web application.
Folder.Using the Web application in "web" mode.
Folder.Customizing Web pages produced by the Web application.
ArticleMeans to customize Web pages.
ArticleCustomizing the Web page via CSS styles.
ArticleCustomizing a web page without result.
ArticleExample of customization of the iterator of the paginated table.
ArticleCustomizing the table that displays search results.
ArticleExample of customization of the table of the results.
Folder.Intégration de l'application à une infrastucture web existante.
ArticleExemples de modes d'intégration.
ArticleUtilisation de l'application en mode "intégration".
ArticleInstallation et configuration de l'application web.

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